M.R. Dairy Products

We Would Sell What You Need

Integrated and robust distribution network

M. R. Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd. serves the gateway to the distribution channel of dairy products primarily milk powders in West Bengal and Eastern India. The company has developed a solid distribution network deploying hundreds of retailers and resellers circumventing the entire geographical boundaries of West Bengal and its neighboring states. The Dairy Fraternity of India and manufacturers of dairy ingredients from all over the country is aware of the company’s ability to launch, penetrate and promote brands of milk powders, which ultimately determines the business success for the respective manufacturers.

Responsiveness to market needs...

Responsiveness to market needs, aggressive pricing and quick delivery of results” has been the key to M. R. Dairy’s success and popularity.  It is often said, in a dynamic business environment, only the agile and versatile would survive.  M. R. Dairy has successfully mastered the art of delivering customized quality products as per the requirements of its customers as per ever changing market dynamics.  The Sales Team of M. R. Dairy, who interacts on a daily basis with the end consumers invests considerable amount of time understanding the specific requirements and expectations of its customers and M. R. Dairy always strive to deliver quality products as per their requirements at the best prices.  The Mission Statement of the company is:  “We Would Not Sell What We Have, We Would Sell What You Need”. 

We deliver considerable value addition...

While the current perspective of modern business management proclaims elimination of middlemen to save on costs which could be directly passed on to the end consumers, M. R. Dairy would certainly like to make sure that it delivers considerable value addition to the “Value Chain” of the dairy industry in order to ensure its future prospects and emerge as one of the leading players of the Indian Dairy Industry.  The company is in the process of diversification forming strategic alliances with other players thereby fulfilling its goal of backward integration.  Similarly, the company is consistently investing considerable resources to broaden its client base and enter new geographical markets taking advantage of the GST regime.